About Us

About Us

The Accreditation Association is a well respected, professional company offering online and offline training & accreditation to the best training providers and educators worldwide, always insuring we maintain the highest industry quality and standards.

Our board members are actively involved within the education industry themselves, providing inside insight into the industry and the required standards.

The Accreditation Association was founded by creative minds with a passionate for the education industry with a focus on keeping the Industry Standards as high as possible by allowing Educators as easy and effective way to accredit their high quality courses and trainings.

The Accreditation Association are an accreditation body with working Partnerships with all the leading Insurance Companies worldwide, ensuring that your students receiving your teachings and trainings will be secure in the knowledge that they will be able to gain the best insurance available.

Follow the links on our Insurance Partners page for more information.

Our Training Directory is full of talented accredited academies & educators from all around the world. They have been verified to the highest industry quality & standards, meaning you can trust them to provide you with the very best training.

By choosing to become TAA accredited you are:

  • Keeping Industry Standards High
  • Ensuring your students safety in performing their skills
  • Providing Quality Teachings
  • Gaining recognition for the high quality of your work
  • Keeping your industry safe
  • Receiving partnerships with the leading industry insurance providers