Signature Accreditation

This specific type of accreditation package will allow you to accredit your entire academy, including team, trainers and business partners. This accreditation is perfect for a larger businesses because allows you to have 100% of your trainers and courses under one accreditation. 

Signature accreditation is perfect for large hair and beauty academies with teams of over five. 

The major benefit of Signature accreditation is that you get an unlimited amount of courses and staff to be added on with no added expense for the whole year. 

Having extensive expertise of how students learn, learning resources and how to properly conduct a training session can only improve your teaching skills and benefit the student by having the best learning experience possible.

Accreditation recognises and showcases that your training courses and your academy adhere to a strict hight standard. This enables you to accredit your courses and materials with us, and use that accreditation on your certificates for students, and on your marketing materials. Obtaining accreditation enables your students to get insured by our insurance partners.

For Signature Accreditation you are required to submit the following documents:

1. Teaching qualification certificates for you and your trainers/staff

2. Qualification certificates of each course you want to accredit (manicure, make up, dermaplaning etc)

3. Training manual for each course you are submitting

4. Lesson plan which corresponds with each course

5. Proof of valid insurance documents

6. Signature accreditation forms (available via email)

Benefits of gaining Signature Accreditation:

  • Unlimited amount of trainer add ons

  • Unlimited amount of training course add ons

  • Official TAA Signature accredited certificate to display on your premises.

  • Exclusive trainers package including an official accredited statement

  • 100 Pack of TAA gold accredited wax seals for your students certificates

  • The use of our pre-written training manuals

  • The best quotes from our insurance partners worldwide

  • Exclusive discount codes for your academy

  • Listing on our accredited training provider directory

  • Discounted staff teacher training

No risk application, if we are unable to accredit you for any reason, your application fee will be returned.

Once your application has been accepted, your accreditation fee will then be non-refundable. If you choose the payment plan option and this is not adhered to, your accreditation will be void. 

Pricing Plans

1 Year

Unlimited Courses

Unlimited Trainers

Full Payment


Payment Plan

£100 deposit then

£100 for 9 weeks

2 Years

Unlimited Courses

Unlimited Trainers

Full Payment


Payment Plan

£100 deposit then

£100 for 14 weeks

5 Years

Unlimited Courses

Unlimited Trainers

Full Payment


Payment Plan

£100 deposit then

£100 for 29 weeks